Why Choose Florida Hearing Loops

By Joseph Dashiell
Owner/Manager, Florida Hearing Loops, LLC

Joseph Dashiell formed Florida Hearing Loops, LLC in North Miami, FL to install hearing loop systems in a variety of venues throughout Florida that help people with hearing loss to hear better. Joe is an experienced, trained, licensed and insured professional hearing loop installer who has lived with a severe hearing loss for decades. He is personally knowledgeable about and experienced in using and installing assistive listening solutions for people living with hearing loss.

Florida Hearing Loops, LLC provides accurate estimates of hearing loops and completes hearing loop installations on time to meet the high expectations of its customers. Simply installing a system is not sufficient; a hearing loop system must provide a genuine benefit to the user of a hearing aid or cochlear implant. At Florida Hearing Loops, we understand that a hearing loop system is more than a loop of wire connected to an amplifier. When designed and installed correctly, a hearing loop system can bring incredible, life-changing benefits to people with hearing loss.  As a dealer of Contacta, Inc., the leading provider of hearing loop products, software tools and support services in North America, we are the critical link between these hearing loop products and the people who benefit from them. With our products and services the customer receives the best hearing loop products and loop designs.

Our process begins with a site survey when we collect detailed information about the venue or room to be looped. This information enables us to design a hearing loop system that meets the specific needs of the customer and the technical standards required for a hearing loop system. Once the contract is accepted, the hearing loop system is installed. The installation includes the necessary signage and training of technical staff on the operation of the hearing loop system.

Best Practices
Florida Hearing Loops follows the Loop Best Practices created by the Hearing Loss Association of America, Florida State Chapter (www.hla-fl.org), including:

1.     All installations are designed to meet IEC 60118-4, the international standard for hearing loop systems

2.     All installations include a minimum of one hearing loop receiver that allows the venue’s audio tech people to monitor the system and can used by an audience member as needed.

3.     All installations include internationally approved signage.

4.     All installations include training to staff on usage and wire installation layout diagrams.

5.     All contracts include maintenance and warranty information.

Florida Hearing Loops, LLC is licensed in the State of Florida as a Certified Limited Energy Specialty Electrical Contractor, with reciprocity in Georgia. This allows us to legally contract, sell, design, install and service hearing loop systems throughout Florida. Florida requires hearing loops systems to be designed, installed and serviced by a licensed and insured electrical contractor (489 F.S.). You can verify a State of Florida Licensed Contractor at http://www.MyFloridaLicense.com.
Licensed professionals have proven their abilities through testing and certification and have the proper insurance coverage that protects the customer.

In addition to being licensed and insured, Florida Hearing Loops, LLC is fully trained by Contacta, Inc. to design and install hearing loop systems that meet the International standard IEC 60118.4. As with any advanced technology, there are numerous critical factors that, if not properly addressed, can prevent the proper operation of a hearing loop system. Florida Hearing Loops, LLC is trained to understand how factors such as metal loss, electrical interference and the quality of the sound source all effect a successful hearing loop installation. We understand background noise and how to overcome it. We understand what hearing loops are and how they differ from other assistive listening devices. We are trained in audio, microphone and sound mixing for hearing loops. We understand the IEC 6011-8 standard for hearing loops and how to meet these requirements when designing and installing hearing loop systems. We use the latest test equipment and testing methods and are trained in project management.


Joseph A. Dashiell
Owner/Manager of Florida Hearing Loops, LLC
Florida Certified Limited Energy Specialty Electrical Contractor #ES12001154

About Joseph Dashiell
I received my technical education at Colorado State University, earning both an undergraduate (1982) and graduate degree (1985). From Colorado, my wife and I moved to Oregon and eventually settled in Miami, FL.  Working as a computer consultant for many years, I gradually lost a significant amount of my hearing. I began wearing hearing aids in the mid 1990’s as I entered my 40’s. Hearing loss soon defined me and interrupted, not only my personal life, but my professional life as well.

Embracing the inevitable, I learned as much as possible about the myriad styles of hearing aids, assisted listening devices, and hearing assistive technologies. I soon found that I needed to be my own advocate for my hearing loss and joined Self Help for the Hard of Hearing (SHHH) – now called the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA). I formed the Hearing Loss Association of America, Miami Chapter (www.HLAA-Miami.org) and am its Past-President.
I understand the needs of the hearing with hearing loss to connect with the hearing world. I also understand that this spurs the demand for hearing assistive technology. The challenges you face are my challenges too; the frustration of wasting money on inferior products that claim to improve the quality of conversations but fail to do so. I invested in several different technological devices in order to aid my hearing, with telephones, watching TV and communicating with family and business associates. I learned a lot, but did not gain much in terms of hearing.

I had an epiphany with hearing loop systems when I attended the HLAA Convention in Washington, D.C. in 2011. I was in a large banquet room with several hundred others listening to speeches. I could not see the speaker’s at the podium due to a column between us, but I could hear them with such clarity and understanding because the room was looped. What an amazing, overwhelming experience. I knew then that I had a new calling. I learned that hearing loop systems are by far the most effective means of providing the best quality sound to the human ear, especially for people with hearing loss. I wanted to share this with as many people as possible

Florida Hearing Loops, LLC is the result of my desire to help others with my newfound knowledge and first-hand experience.